Our company

Agantic Group is a licensed commercial general contractor (CGC1505052) and provider of diversified construction services. We are the leading installer of light weight insulating concrete (LWIC) roof decks, floor underlayments, exterior concrete and waterproofing, concrete restoration, and water management. We are a family owned and managed company with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong drive to succeed. Our market position, resources, and expertise guarantee second to none services to all of our customers with outstanding quality at a competitive price. We are committed to continually evolve our designs, products and methods to meet our clients’ demands. Agantic Group prides itself on our repeat business due to the excellent service we consistently provide to our customers.

Our culture and mission statement

Our culture and reputation are built on strong, cooperative interactions with our clients. We work closely with our customers to foster strong relationships and consistently deliver successful outcomes. Agantic Group core values are safety, excellence, integrity, and innovation. These principles guide our daily interactions, influence our decision-making, and shape our company philosophy.

Agantic Group’s mission is “to be the company of first choice in the industry, by consistently creating lasting value to our customers through highest level of quality, service, safety, integrity, and innovation.”

Our People

Agantic Group’s highly skilled team is dedicated to deliver superior service at all stages of our client’s projects. In a highly competitive industry, our ability to innovate and create value on an ongoing basis sets us apart. Our team consists of industry leading individuals with tremendous construction experience. We pride ourselves on consistently being passionate and determined to find the perfect solution for our clients – our flexible, tailored, innovative, and collaborative approach allows us to make a difference and deliver industry-leading outcomes.


Safety is one of our core values and the key component of our corporate culture. Our employees continuously participate in comprehensive safety training programs in order to maintain an accident free environment and minimize job hazards. We use state of the art safety tools and technology to provide our workers, our clients, and our community with the safest environment possible.